Roca Lake


Lake Roca is mainly populated by rainbow and fontinalis trout, it is not strange to collect from the latter, beautiful specimens that exceed 4 pawns. To a lesser extent, there are also brown trouts, which like the Rainbow, normally exceed 3 pawns, being to some extent frequent the catch of fish up to 8 pawns.


Fly Rods and lines 6 to 8, using floating and sinking lines. Streamer and Dry flies of different sizes are used, depending on the time of year


Fishing is done in Alumacraft boats with individual fishing seats and platforms, which can carry up to 2 anglers. These are authorized by Parques Nacionales and Prefectura Naval Argentina, with all the corresponding insurances.

Available expeditions

Lake Roca, due to its distance from the city, has the possibility of carrying out only full-day expeditions.

Full Day

This expedition includes about 7 hours of fishing between morning and afternoon, plus about 3 hours between equipment at the beginning and end, as well as a gourmet lunch on the shores of the lake.