Lodges & Camps

Some of our daily services can be combined with overnight stays in places outside of San Carlos de Bariloche. 

There are multiple options which include stays in fishing lodges or camping with all the commodities needed. 

The overnight stays in lodges usually are coordinated to take advantage of the facilities for multiple nights, usually consisting of three nights to have two full days of fishing in the vicinity, and depending on the itinerary of the trip it is possible to fish on the afternoon of the first day and morning of the last. The lodges all include excellent bedrooms and a remarkable good food service, generally being an all-inclusive experience.

In regards of camping, they can be scheduled from one night to a maximum of three. Some locations that are further away than others and the specifics of the trip might set the top amount of nights. It is possible to have a single night camping trip and after that combine the experience with a hotel in the city. 

The campings are organized with one tent every two people with cots, mats, sleeping bags, towels, and other amenities. There is a dining tent with tables and comfortable chairs. In regards of food, it is an all-inclusive experience, with warm meals, picadas with smoked cold cuts, desserts and an array of beverages from sodas, beer, wine and hard drinks like Gin or whisky.

All of these configurations must be booked in advance and adjusting details and preferences to the needs and wants of each angler.

Given the current situation surrounding Covid-19 we don’t know at the time which fishing locations will be available in the next season, nor which lodges will have their operation functioning in a usual manner. If you are interested in this kind of experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will provide more information about the available options. 

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