Mascardi Lake

This lake has numerous bays protected with reed beds that provide food and shelter to a remarkable population of salmonids. In its excursions, we arrive at the lake in all-terrain vehicles, where the anglers are provided with the necessary equipment, the rods that will be used are assembled and the boat is prepared to leave.

Fonck Lake

Located an hour and a half away from Bariloche, it is an excellent place to fish with an unbeatable landscape, the Cerro Tronador stars in the scene and a cohiues forest frames it. Access is difficult, the all-terrain vehicles will take you to the place, abundant reeds and dense cohiues forests make the journey inaccessible on foot.

Roca Lake

Lake Roca is mainly populated by Rainbow and Fontinalis trout, it is not strange to collect from the latter, beautiful specimens that exceed 4 pawns. To a lesser extent, there are also Brown, which like the Rainbow, normally exceed 3 pawns, being to some extent frequent the catch of fish up to 8 pawns.