Manso river


The third section of the lower Manso River, of about 50 kilometers in Argentine territory, is again of a gentle course with few rapids. It runs south until it receives the contribution of the Villegas and Foyel rivers; from that point it runs almost exactly west, traversing a wide and deep valley, with stretches of woods, others of open grasslands, and some swamps. It is clearly transparent in color, without cloudy or greenish tones. It extends from the eastern head of Lake Stefen to its intersection at the border with the sister Republic of Chile. The best part of this section is the one corresponding to the first 13 km or 14 km of the river after the mouth.


Fly Rods and lines 4 to 6, using floating and sinking lines. Streamer flies and nymphs are used, but generally small dry flies give the best result.


Fishing is carried out in rafts with a seat and individual fishing platform, which can carry up to 2 anglers. These are authorized by Parques Nacionales and the Prefectura Naval Argentina, with all the corresponding insurances.

Available expeditions

The Manso River, being far from the city, only offers the possibility of carrying out full-day expeditions.

Full day

This expeditionincludes about 7 hours of fishing between morning and afternoon, plus about 3 hours between equipment at the beginning and at the end, as well as a gourmet lunch on the banks of the river.